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Gene therapy through use of AAVs hold great promise for treating advanced heart failure.

Owing to an international collaboration with the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Mount Sinai (New York USA), ICAN is among the first European medical center to use this approach to treat advanced heart failure in a prospective clinical trial.

An innovative clinical trial, AGENT-HF, is conducted in the joined international laboratory (LIA) established between the department of cardiovascular research at Mt Sinai (NY, USA) headed by Roger Hajjar and the ICAN Institute through Stéphane Hatem. The aim of this clinical trial is to evaluate the efficacy of SERCA2a gene transfer using a AAV6 vector on Left Ventricular systolic function in patients with advanced heart failure. SERCA2a is a key protein of the calcium metabolism of the cardiac myocyte and its expression is decreased during heart failure contribute to alter contractility.

Legal authorizations have been obtained to conduct the gene therapy clinical trial AGENT-HF in patients with advanced heart failure. First patient recruitment is anticipated for mid-2013