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Biomarkers and predictors


Identification of new biomarkers associated with the early stages of cardiometabolic remodeling will pave the way for next generation CMD personalized medecine.

New Biomarkers are needed to diagnose CMD patients earlier and to better predict drug response and toxicity. In particular, prediabetic patients need to be identified earlier. An early event in prediabetes is the occurrence of insulin resistance. Since it cannot be reliably detected, new diagnostic methods are needed.

The objective is to analyse the metabolic signature of ex vivo adipocytes (in particular on insulin sensitivity) in order to determine if it can be used as a surrogate marker of prediabetic state.

Also, there is considerable inter-individual variation in the level of therapeutic responses to most of the drugs. Recent studies have reported strong genetic determinants of response to the antiplatelet agent clopidogrel and of occurrence of myopathy in statins-treated patients. Numerous drug labels have been modified in the last years to recommend or require genetic testing before drug prescription.

ICAN partners are already involved in the constitution of large DNA collections dedicated to cardiovascular GWAS and deep-sequencing pharmacogenomics.

Current projects include the ARCTIC clinical trial, to identify new determinants of response to anti-platelet agents in patients with acute coronary syndromes, which has just been completed and the setting up of the new double-blind randomized multicenter PRECARDIA clinical trial which will study the impact of ACE inhibitors (ACEi) in relatives who carry a mutation but have not yet developed dilated cardiomyopathy.