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Tohether we can actA personalized approach


Cardiometabolism diseases start usually with no symptom and evolve rapidly according to our personal biology and lifestyle circumstances as well as our age. The experience shows that patients have a high variability responses to treatments.


That is why ICAN works actively in obtaining a finest characterization of each patient to apply necessary principles of personalized medicine.

ICAN research focuses on understanding the changes taking place in the heart of our biology and the causes that led to the emergence of cardiometabolic diseases.

ICAN challenge is to raise public awareness related to the concept of “metabolism” and understand how our lifestyle, environment , biology as well as our genetics affect it and how they interact together on their way to disease.

ICAN Institute research and clinic experts need your support to help them in their engagement.

From your perspective, you can help in many different ways: Financial support to our research, medical observance, active participation in clinical research or more personal education about cardiometabolism…

Your way is ours!