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The ICAN’s mission is to develop translational research in the field of cardiometabolism by amplifying links between basic research and its clinical and industrial applications.

photo_pagemissionICAN challenge is to promote the development of innovative products and processes in diagnostics and treatment which meet states and population’s expectations

The overall objectives of the IHU are:

• Develop Research at an international level in the field of cardio-metabolic diseases (CMDs)
• Improve healthcare which includes transfer of innovative treatments to patient care
• Train future healthcare professionals and scientists in the field
• Develop partnership between academic research and industry
• Valorize and transfer research results
• Disseminate knowledge to professionals and public
• Develop an international standing among the world’s top ten

Finally, the ICAN, through its high standard performances and services and its international outreach should entering into industrial partnerships with focus on development of novel therapies and modes of personalized treatments.