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Pre-Clin ICAN




Leader: Thierry Huby

PreclinICAN provides integrated preclinical tools dedicated to metabolic and cardiovascular explorations.

It is divided into 3 preclinical Core Labs:


1 – Primary human cell culture and phenotyping Core Lab. Leader: Thierry Huby

The primary cell culture and phenotyping Core Lab is dedicated to provide cell culture and screening using ICAN bioresources and technical expertise.

The cell culture Core Lab will be in close proximity of the ICAN-analytic Flow Cytometry Core Lab.

In addition to cell culture, the Core Lab can perform primary human cell assays in standardized 24-well or 96-well plate format for in vitro pharmacology experiments measuring for example:

– cellular cholesterol efflux capacities (in a wide range of human primary cells such as monocyte-derived macrophages and specific cell lines overexpressing specific transporters)
– intestinal barrier function
– adipose tissue function through an extensive range of metabolic and inflammatory readouts performed on in vitro preadipocytes to ex vivo adipocytes and adipose tissue explants

The Core Lab can also provide various co-cultures of primary cells to study tissue remodeling, in particular fibrosis and immune cell infiltration in adipose tissue


2 – Animal models /metabolic phenotyping Core Lab Leader: Thierry Huby

The in vivo metabolic phenotyping Core Lab is dedicated to the assessment of metabolism in ICAN small animal models for diabetes, obesity and dyslipidemia/atherosclerosis.

The Core Lab will be located within the UPMC animal facility housing ‘classic’ and ‘in-house’ mouse models for diabetes, obesity or dyslipidemia/atherosclerosis, as well as the unique weight-loss mouse models (through Gastric bypass surgery).

The Core Lab aims at providing with the following metabolic phenotyping:
– Cholesterol metabolism (Reverse Cholesterol Transport/HDL turnover using radiolabeled tracer-based methods)
– Glucose homeostasis (Glucose tolerance test, Insulin sensitivity,..)
– Atherosclerosis (lipid staining of aortic sinus, Immune cell infiltration,..)
– Energy metabolism (metabolic cages, weight gain, food intake, activity meters,…)
– In close linked with the ICAN-analytic core – exploration of circulating and tissue leukocyte populations by flow cytometry.
– Biochemical analyses in blood (Lipids, lipoprotein cholesterol profiling, adipokines, cytokines), urine and tissues (lipids and cholesterol content,…) and tissue collections for histology, gene and protein expression analyses.


3 – Animal models /cardiovascular phenotyping. Leader: Stéphane Hatem

The in vivo cardiovascular phenotyping Core Lab is dedicated to the assessment of cardiovascular function in ICAN small animal models of cardiovascular diseases and provides the following:

– In vivo heart surgery (thoracic aorta clamping, angioplasty, aortic clip, coronary artery ligation)
– In vivo Doppler echocardiography
– In vivo Surface and telemetry ECG
– In vivo exercise test and motor activity
– Invasive hemodynamic investigation using Millar probe and plethysmography
– Ex vivo pharmacology Isolated organs (heart, vessels, papillary muscle)
– Histology (Cryostat and microtome)
– Microscopy