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Several offers are being developed by ICAN to reinforce international collaborations between centers of cardiometabolism and nutrition having a similar approach in translational research and personalised care, and complementary expertise in basic and clinical research in the field of cardiometabolism and nutrition.


Thesis in co-supervision

A pilot programme of thesis in co-supervision has been launched in 2013 between ICAN and the University of Laval (Quebec), represented respectively by Pr Karine Clément (Director of ICAN) and Pr Denis Richard, head of the Chair on Obesity at the Institut universitaire de pneumologie et de cardiologie de Québec (Canada).

The University Hospital Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition (ICAN) and the University of Laval (Quebec, Canada) are each committed to funding one doctoral contract for three years from the 2014-2015 academic year. If successful, this pilot project will be renewed annually. This program must be carried out in partnership between a host postgraduate ICAN team and the University of Laval, the doctoral student benefiting from the conditions of joint PhD with a research project and research work shared between the two sites.

Learn more about the Programme «Thesis in co-supervision ICAN-ULaval » 2013-2014


Exchange programmes

ICAN has established a partnership with the Quebec Research Network on cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity (CMDO – (Head; Pr André Carpentier) aiming at the creation of a strategic partnership between France and Quebec on research training in the field of cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity. This transatlantic programme will make strategic inter-university partnerships emerge and will leverage new collaborations between the transatlantic laboratories in the field of basic, clinical and epidemiological research in the field of cardiometabolic health.

More information to come in spring 2014


Conferences, Workshops and Courses

Favouring the increasing knowledge and skills of young investigators in the field of cardiometabolic and nutrition-related diseases in an international setting is a priority for ICAN. Indeed, confronting their ideas and results with international senior experts as well as sharing their experience and expectations with other young investigators from different horizons and countries is a fertilizing experience for the best of young investigators current research experience and future profession.

To this end, ICAN has settled with international Centres of Metabolism and Nutrition in Denmark (CBMR/UNIK, Copenhagen), UK (MRC, Cambridge), Germany (IFBAdipositas, Leipzig) and Canada (CMDO, Sherbrooke) privileged scientific and educational collaborations and exchanges, allowing young investigators from these centres to attend locally organized international conferences/courses and benefit support from the host institution.


– ICAN Series (Paris, France)

In 2013, the Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition (ICAN) has organised its 1st international ICAN CONFERENCE SERIES ( on cardiometabolic diseases, which took place in Paris, France, December 12-14. The high quality scientific year programme was dispensed by leading International experts and focused on Gut Microbiome, Immunity, Epigenetics and transcriptional dyregulations, and new Therapeutics approaches, in cardiometabolic diseases (flyer link).  

In order to facilitate access to high-level talks, and interaction with top-scientists speakers, ICAN Series offered space for twelve 15-minute short talks exclusively reserved from young researchers (PhD students, Post-docs) from France and abroad. It was decided that three awards would grant the best short talk and the two best posters.

For its first 2013 edition, a total of 53 abstracts from young investigators were received from 5 different countries (Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, UK) among which the best 12 were selected for short talks. ICAN offered a total of 18 young investigator fellowships for its partner’s European and Canadian Centres.


CMDO Bootcamp (Quebec, Canada)

The objective of the Winter Camp ( organised each year by the CMDO (with support from FRQ-S) is to provide to young investigators from the different Quebecer centres in cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity an intensive training “all expenses paid” of three-day interactive workshops with internationally renowned speakers in the three main themes of the network: 1/ Cardiometabolic health, 2/ Diabetes, and 3/ Obesity, across four research areas: a/ basic and preclinical research, b/ Nutrition, physical activity and human pathophysiology, c/ Lifestyle, risk factors and population interventions through the life cycle, and d/ Organization of care, sharing and use of knowledge.

In line with the education cooperation agreement set up between the CMDO and ICAN, five young investigators from ICAN were selected in 2013 to participate to the 2014 Bootcamp edition with full scholarships from the CMDO.