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ICAN contributes to the medicine of the future in the field of cardio-metabolism and nutrition.

Located at the heart of Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris XIII), ICAN is an international Institute for Research and Health Care in cardiometabolic diseases.

Its challenge is to enter into the era of predictive medicine to manage cardiometabolic diseases during the life span, from identification of individual susceptibility, prevention, early diagnostic to pre-emption of complications.

ICAN is based on the strengths and expertise of the Scientific and Medical Research Units and medical teams at UPMC /INSERM and the Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière. ICAN is a  private Foundation of Scientific Cooperation as well as an “Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire” (IHU) financially supported since 2011 by the “Investment d’Avenir” program sponsored by the French Prime Minister.

The development of personalized medicine is following advances in molecular diagnostics, genomics and metabolomics technologies. Combining all these new technologies to provide to CMD patients personalized medicine is a major challenge behind the creation of the ICAN Institute.

Therefore, ICAN core facilities and projects have been organized to pursue this goal.

A real challenge

ICAN community is very diverse bringing together clinicians’ experts in heart and metabolic diseases, researchers covering many aspects of the field and other fields such as bioinformatics, biostatistics and imagery. Paramedics (nurses, dieteticiens, and psychologists for example) are also part of the ICAN programs. We also intend to bring the patient, the public with us to face the challenges of the future and disseminate our finding.

ICAN together

Our slogan “Act with us” does not only means only bring our internal resources together but create the condition to add value in research, care, training to find better innovative ways to treat and prevent the development of cardio-metabolic diseases at the highest international level.

We also intend to develop converging approaches with industries in this field.


It is a big challenge but together we can make it happen.