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One of the major education goal of ICAN is to offer interdisciplinary training leading to new health-related professions and for health professionals (physicians, researchers, technicians, hospital staff including nurses, dieticians and kinesiologists), perfecting knowledge, acquiring new skills to adapt to the constant evolution (transfer of skills to the paramedic). As equally important is to train professionals from the industrial sector with new knowledge in CMDs.

To this end, ICAN will seek setting up short-term courses (combining lectures and practice) for professionals from both the public and private (industry) sectors on hot spots of research, technology and care in the field of CMDs for which ICAN has a unique expertise. These courses may encompass molecular and clinical phenotyping (in humans and animal models), iPS cells and genome editing, obese patient care pathway, up-to-date methods in metagenomics, and techniques in human imaging, etc.

More information to come in spring 2014