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Translational research


Building Translational Research

Translating scientific discoveries to clinical application is the core of the ICAN Institute. We bring together scientists, clinicians and the procedures necessary to facilitate clinical research in a coordinated manner and reduce the barriers between these components. A strength will be our ability to extend the measures of new biomarkers and predictors, to test therapies, food derived products and behavioural counselling as well as new medical device in patients with cardiometabolic diseases at different stages of their diseases.


The translational efforts will be facilitated by both high throughput and physiopathological approaches with in particular the upgrading of our platform as metabolomics and next generation sequencing. Clinical research is made possible by the involvement of well-trained multi-and inter-disciplinary investigators leading the ICAN Institute, our industrial partnerships in particular with on site SME(s) and our expertise in clinical investigation and trials. Innovative therapies and tools will be also a main component of the translational research program of ICAN.