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[News] The IHU-ICAN has been renewed for another 5 years



IHU-ICAN Renewal


Paris, France, 6 December 2019: The first French institute for translational research on metabolic and cardiovascular diseases—the IHU-ICAN—has been renewed until 2025. The institute will become self-sufficient during this period. The institute addresses those diseases that are the most frequent chronic disorders which require personalized multi-disciplinary care, from the very beginning of life. To accomplish this mission, the IHU-ICAN will build on the substantial pillars established using the first Investissements pour l’Avenir endowment. These include unique biological and medical research resources, the first MRI dedicated to cardiometabolic research in Ile-de-France, a close-knit community of researchers and clinicians, recognized know-how in building public and private partnerships, and a solid new leadership group whose structuring actions were highlighted by the IHU piloting committee. The three IHU-ICAN founders—the Public Hospitals of Paris (AP‑HP), Sorbonne University, and INSERM—will accompany the institute in this new phase. The IHU-ICAN will continue its research efforts to better understand the links between heart and vessel disease and metabolism, including diabetes, obesity, and liver disease (NASH). The IHU-ICAN will continue to focus on developing innovative multi-disciplinary care pathways for patients, including the transition between the hospital and the home, such as the first French integrated care pathway for patients suffering from NASH. The IHU-ICAN will also strengthen its role as a partner in major therapeutic trials to combat atherosclerosis, NASH, and heart disease related to diabetes, obesity, and aging.

Thus, the IHU-ICAN’s activities will continue to belong to the IHU Future Investment Program framework administered by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

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About the IHU-ICAN:

The IHU-ICAN, the Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition (, created in November 2011 is one of seven French university-hospital institutes labeled by the National Agency of the Research (ANR). The IHU’s missions are research, teaching, training, and valorization of research in the field of cardiometabolic diseases and nutrition, a major public health problem.

Located in the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, benefiting from the expertise of 11 research teams including 120 researchers, and more than 150 clinicians, the IHU-ICAN has developed a systemic and multi-organ system approach towards cardiovascular and metabolic diseases that has contributed to new patient care and the advent of precision and personalized medicine.

IHU-ICAN contact:

Download this press release here: 2019 12 – Press Release – IHU-ICAN – EN